KC blog bwI graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with a BA (Hons) in English and Creative Writing.

In July I will graduate from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen with an MSc in Information and Library Studies.

Interests include the Spanish language, nature, whiskey, writing, and owls.

In all of my years of study I feel that I’ve been building up a list of nice things to do, when I get the time. And now is the time! And so begins the 30 Before 30 challenge.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Amen to loud music at stoplights. The condition for me is that the volume level increase in proportion to my perceived quality of the music. Amen to the title of your blog–it’s a stroke of genius.

    • Hi – thanks for liking. And for appreciating the title. I worry that it’ll get too old one day, but not yet. You’ve a nice looking blog, yourself, I’m looking forward to perusing your writings if I may.
      Amen indeed. It’s a pastime I thoroughly enjoy – although I have to admit to being vain and trying to turn the music up to find a kindred spirit, or at least a look of surprise.

      • Don’t change–we like you the way you are. In your perusing I do hope that you find something you like. I encourage you to share your thoughts, your hatred and your scathing criticism. Also, if you see the word “musing” anywhere . . . well, you won’t.

        I admit to the same vain intentions, I really do.

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