30 before 30

Inspired by a friend, I’ve made a list of 30 things to do by the time I’m 30. For the record, I’ve 5 years to achieve these things, and a lot of them have been building up during my distance learning MSc as Things To Do When I’m ‘Free’. I’m hoping that by publishing them online and blogging about them, I’ll feel more accountable, and have an excuse to take lots of photos too.

So without further ado:

[30 / 30]. Luis Hernandez. CC BY. Flickr

[30 / 30]. Luis Hernandez. CC BY. Flickr

1. Take jive dance classes (x)
2. Go back to burlesque dance: (x)
3. Keep bees (x)
4. Study Early Modern Bodies
5. Finish a novel (x)
6. Learn ice skating
7. Volunteer at Battersea Dogs Home
8. Visit Galicia
9. Learn to play ukulele
10. Learn to play bass guitar
11. Own a wire-haired dachshund
12. Buy a house
13. Buy a car
14. Graduate MSc (x)
15. Go to Mexico (x)
16. CILIP Chartership
17. Volunteer at NHM
18. Get a tattoo
19. Get married
20. Watch Buffy
21. Watch Battle star Galactica
22. Watch Breaking Bad
23. Try Pole dancing
24. Read Ulysses
25. Try karaoke
26. Write a radio play
27. Go on a date
28. Make a chocolate fondant (x)
29. Meet all of my internet friends! (x)
30. Visit Fiji

5 thoughts on “30 before 30

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  2. Just to randomly pick two to comment on: Do you have any tattoo ideas in mind? Why Mexico specifically and not somewhere in South America or a nice island?

    I don’t think I could do a list to accomplish before thirty, since I would have less than two years to fulfill it. Maybe I could shoot for thirty-five or forty. I do like making lists.

    • Sorry, I lost your comment!

      I do, actually. There’s a line in Amanda Palmer’s Ukelele Anthem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njDQsQpFIqA) that goes ‘stop pretending art is hard’. I want it tattooed on my right index finger, in a typewrite script, so whenever I’m moaning about not writing I can see it when I type, when I hold a pen, when I’m trying to learn how to play the bloody ukelele. It’s pretty pretentious, I know, but I have been thinking about it for over a year now, which I assume is a good sign…

      Mexico is a cheat because we’re going in May anyway. Also it’ll be my first solo flight (as you know) and totally different to everywhere I’ve ever visited. Boyfriend will already be out there with work (he’s leaving this Friday!), and I’m flying out in May for a week. I’m so excited! Although you’ve reminded me I haven’t put Fiji on here… *edits*

  3. This is a great idea Kim. You might have inspired me, maybe I should do the same thing myself. 5 Years to go until I am 40… yikes! Thinking of things for my list will keep me entertained while dissertation writing!

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