Things for 2015

So I’m a bit late, as usual, but 2014 is over, and my first year of 30before30 with it!

How did it go?

Of the 30 things I set back at the start of 2014, I have completed/am working on 7 of them. That’s not bad! I also owe you a kind of blog post on one of the others, but I haven’t managed to sit down and do it yet, what a massive surprise.

What’s the plan for this year?

This year might be a quieter one, by the look of things. I would like to begin ice skating lessons – although I have just passed up the opportunity to start his week, due to potential traffic issues – so once I’ve sorted out my misgivings on that front hopefully I can update the blog! Buy a house was going to be a big one, but it looks as though that’s unlikely too – too many things would have to come into place so while we’re almost certainly moving out of our current abode, we will continue to be renting for possible another year. Actually, maybe while I’m still near enough to Twickenham, I could look into this beekeeping stuff… hmm, another target there! I’m going to look into volunteering opportunities, I think too, maybe as soon as this blog post is over! Aaaaand, as much as I want to visit Galicia this year, there are no plans in place just yet.

By my count that’s somewhere between 3-5 to do this year. Not counting the updates to those currently in progress.

Wish me luck!

Best of luck in your 2015 endeavours,

kimguin x


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