Thing 2: Go back to burlesque dance

Shh yes, it has been a while since I updated this.

I’m going to put together some sort of recap of the year, and see how many of these 30 things I’ve actually managed to do in year one. It needs to happen before the end of this calendar year, so wish me luck!

In previous posts, before 30before30 began, I have mentioned my feelings on burlesque, which are still mixed. Following the post I just linked to, I started attending a burlesque class every Thursday, which happened to be just down the road from me. I did this for about 8 months, and occasionally took part in shows as a dancer (all clothes remained on). At the time, this was great fun, it was a nice thing to spend my Thursday evenings on that was local, a bit silly, and completely different from all the other stuff I was doing.

However, studying got way too much, and I gave up at least a year ago. I thought that I missed it, although I’ve since found a lot more freedom and more fun things to do (ahem, jive). So I wrote going back on this list. About a month ago, I went back to a new class in a new location. And I haven’t been back since.

It was fun! Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but I’ve found that I’m just not that into learning a routine anymore. While I had said I would be interested in dancing in shows again, I’ve found that I’m actually not as keen to take part as I had thought.

I’ve been asked by a friend if I felt that I was gaining something, or pleasing some exhibitionist side of me, by taking part in shows. And I still don’t really have a proper answer. I guess yes, to some extent, but it’s not a need that I really feel I need to go overboard to fulfil. So it just didn’t seem that important to me once it was over…

I can’t really explain it. On one hand, and if I’m being honest, burlesque is not something I could tell a lot of people that I do – it involves a lot of explaining that no, I don’t take my clothes off, yes, some other people do, but I’m just a kind of chorus dancer – but on the other hand it’s fun to be on stage and dress up and dance about… but part of me is a bit uncomfortable with the overall motive. For someone who doesn’t like ogling to take part in a burlesque show is a bit weird – or is it? I think until I’m clear about why I’m doing it, it’s always going to make me feel a bit weird, and so I’m no longer interested in doing it.

I’m trying very hard here not to make it sound like I’m being a snob, because I do believe that it’s a great thing to watch and do, and now the classes are doing some great stuff like asking girls to put together their own routines to do solo acts (awesome!) but for me, it’s no longer a thing I’m that excited about. I’ve transferred my love elsewhere, I think.

So that’s thing 2 done. At least for now. Any updates will follow… and further Thing updates will hopefully be a bit more exciting that this one!


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