Thing 29: Meet all of my internet friends!

This is super exciting.

OK, so it hasn’t happened yet, but my three best internet friends and I have made a pact to get together for the first time, in five years time. This is something we have been talking about for years, and with a spread between Europe, the US, and New Zealand, we’re a pretty far-flung bunch. So it’s not like we can just meet up whenever we feel like it. When I visited New York last year for my birthday we were thinking of having a mini US meetup then, but unfortunately that fell through. This, however, won’t. I’m sure. I don’t know where I’ll be in five years time, but when that trip comes around I’m going to meet these ladies and it’s going to be awesome!

It has been… about 12 years since we met (I think!). When The Two Towers came out in the UK I became a full-on fangirl: forums, fanfiction, elvish screennames, baking lembas bread in the kitchen – all of that. The forum in question that brought us together was called Council of Elrond, and we have since migrated through LiveJournal, to Facebook and Twitter, and onto Tumblr. I mentioned my early online nerdom in this old post on social media and the internet. What I didn’t mention then was how much I feel I’ve grown with these ladies. They are my longest/oldest friends. When anything went wrong during those fragile teenage years, I trusted them for advice. When I got accepted into uni, we celebrated together. Marriages, children (not mine) – we’ve seen a wide range of things. A friend recently asked me how I felt about having online friends, and I immediately started gushing about how exciting and brilliant everything was. Apart from the not meeting part, obviously.

The plan so far is to visit New Zealand, and tour the Lord of the Rings landscapes that brought us together. This also means that, if I plan it right, Thing 30: Visit Fiji, might also get a look in. Gods know if I’m flying that far I need to hit as many birds with that fearful stone as I can…

So this is a mini update for now – and bloody hell do I owe this blog some more updates! But this is a start. Thing 29: In progress.

x _kimguin


One thought on “Thing 29: Meet all of my internet friends!

  1. I love this so much! I’ve met some fabulous friends online thanks to Harry Potter, so I understand this. I’m so glad you’ve found that closeness. A lot of people get spooked by the internet, but fangirling with other nerds has taught me that there are some really great people on the internet (mind the trolls, of course). Enjoy your travels and friend time!

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