Dear Sir,

I write to inform you of my
– oh, well how to put this delicately?

At first I was smitten, needing, and sure
That you were mine and I’d always be yours.
The thought of you with another – why –
My little heart would pound, tears fill my eyes…
The notion of exclusivity I so had bought;
I was smug in the sureity we’d never cut short
Such a wonderful wisdom, a lesson taught
In every book/song/film that came my way…

Apologies, I digress – I write then, to say –
That since we’ve parted, I just can’t make this stay:
My subscription to your traditional ideals of love has ended, and I do not wish to renew.

All best wishes,
                             A Girl Who Used To ‘Belong’ To You



– Sept. 2012

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