The List

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I’ve been rabbiting on slightly about Big Plans and Small Plans and whether reading Ulysses counts as Big or Small. Among other things.

Planners scare me. Big Planners intimidate me. Isn’t it enough to know what I’m doing for the next four years?! (Kind of no choice and all, unless I quit the MSc, but you know…) And in the next four years, I don’t think I will be travelling the world and changing it for everyone. So then, I’ll be 20-something-else – and is that too late?

I’m going to guess right now that the answer to that is ‘no’. And that it’s the attitude that makes the difference. My ‘little’ dreams will keep me happy and I still have time to find a really, really BIG one.

Having said that, I have a feeling that my real big dream wouldn’t be to go everywhere and change everything, but stay in my head and make something really awesome that goes out there and does it for me.

The first time I had this panic, I made a little list of Things I’d Like to Do. I’m going to share what I have of a List so far. No laughing!

  • Visit Japan (Tokyo, Sakura festival), and improve Japanese
  • Poetry collection published by Faber
  • Ice skating
  • Burlesque dancing
  • Visiting Peru
  • Learning Hindi, visiting Fiji
  • Radio 4 Radioplay
  • Finish Ulysses
  • Space flight
  • King’s Medical Humanities MA
  • Living by the sea
  • Novel??

Once I hit ‘publish’ then the list is real and everyone can laugh, I mean, share their own stupid ideas…

So, yeah – any Plans, Big or Small? Or Ridiculous? Oh, and feel free to yell at me for suggesting that size is important.

4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Some of those are very achievable. Based on what I’ve seen on several magazine TV shows (ie The One Show) Burlesque classes are quite popular/prevalent these days. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in London I imagine.

    • There are a number in London, but so far I am still too far away to make it! Soon, though…
      I aim to be librarian by day, dancer by night 🙂

      I’ve been told to make at least two of them happen in the next six months.

      • In the next six months? Ice skating, Ulysses, burlesque dancing probably the most viable options then, heh. Unless you want to visit Fiji and drop by NZ on the way? 🙂 I got through Ulysses pretty quickly once a few of my lectures and seminars made it more interesting – don’t ever try Finnegans Wake though.

        • Hey you, how’s it going? I’d love to drop by NZ in the next six months, but I don’t think my finances would stretch to it 😛
          Ulysses is up for April. Burlesque once I have moved house and am nearer London – will be happening before September. Ice skating classes once my distance-learning term is over and I am free!
          Are you a planner?

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