Life update

A new year has shown up just how bad I am at blogging regularly – let’s hope that this doesn’t set the trend for the whole of 2012!

What’s new with you? Tell me things!

What’s new with me, you ask? Well… I thought it would only be fair to explain what has been keeping me busy for the whole of January.

  • Learning to play snooker
  • Complaining about writing a report
  • Finally handing in said report
  • Beginning to cook Japanese food
  • Going back to the gym
  • Watching Sherlock
  • Reading Return of the Native
  • Working

All of these things have, I have to admit, been a pleasant distraction from Having An Opinion, but I hope to return to form sooner or later. Sooner, I hope.

Stumbling upon some really great blogs

  • Raising my Rainbow is a heartfelt and often hilarious account of motherhood with a difference: C.J. is a ‘gender nonconforming’ child, meaning that he’s in most ways utterly fabulous, but that growing up is a very different experience for him and his family. C.J.’s Mom is bright, funny, positive and seems to really be making the most of her unique family. Current favourite posts include My Son the Dancer and Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Son.
  • Another Angry Woman, which I’ve added to my subscribed list so as to hear other’s opinions on feminist issues. Rather than my ranting hopelessly on Twitter, I’m hoping that I might actually find something useful here, and some other people to rant alongside.

So, you know, because my life’s been nice but I’ve been quiet: What’s new with you? How’s 2012 going so far?

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