Resolutions Review

This time last year I made some New Year’s Resolutions and swore to keep to them. Another year has come around again so I guess it’s time to see how I did! And what might be in store this year.

Last Year’s Resolutions:

1.Apply for (and get accepted onto!) King’s College London Literature and Medicine MA
Well, weirdly: success. I applied, I was accepted, then I panicked and deferred entry. Everything all came at the same time, just as I was planning to take the Library Science MSc, and so the current status of this resolution is that I did what I set out to do, but have yet to actually attend the course. I have hold of it, though, for safekeeping.

2.Complete OU Genetics course by the January deadline!
Done. And I passed with some sort of merit – so the OU think I’m intelligent even if no-one else does.
It wasn’t a bad course of study, to be honest, although I did know a lot of it from my A Level studies. I was thinking of studying for a degree with the OU, but I really found the distance element rather too distant to be of any use.

3.Visit home at least once a month.
Success! I think… I’ve visited home, or my parents have visited me once a month at least – so they still know what I’m up to! It’s always nice to go home, although I do love my independence.

4.Find archives work experience, work out whether or not to apply for Kew Gardens Trainee Archivist post.
Well, no. Unless you count ‘work out whether to apply’ as solved by deciding on a Library Science degree… I’m still wistful about archives, and hoping I’ll get to work out whether it’s my thing or not at

5.Do some sort of exercise! Find motivation to drive to a swimming pool/take up ice skating.
Unexpectedly, done. I swam (for a bit), didn’t take up ice skating (woe), but have weirdly been persuaded to join a gym. This is real shock to me, as I’d never set foot in a gym until about a month ago. In fact, it felt like giving in. But to my extreme surprise and mild annoyance, (I don’t actually hate it.) Shh, don’t tell anyone.

6.A new one! As of 07.01.11 I will be taking part in the PostAWeek wordpress challenge for 2011. Will attempt to post at least once a week from now on. Poetry, thoughts, essays, whatever
Not as successful as the others, as I know I haven’t posted EVERY week. But overall, I kind of have. Must try harder with this one.

As for this year... keep up the good work? No, really, I’ve no idea. Try more recipes, perhaps? But otherwise, complete Year 1 of library school, continue to gym/swim/something, have a social life (!) and don’t get sacked.

Your go. Any new resolutions for 2012?

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