No idea…

Well, I’m stuck. Don’t know what to update.

At the risk of losing touch with the blog altogether, I may well turn the floor over to you, dear reader (is there more than one?) and say: TELL ME WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.

Answers in comments, please.

If this doesn’t work, I think I have forgotten how to write….

4 thoughts on “No idea…

  1. I found the activity of a blog depends on what you want your blog to be, something the world wants to know about, a space in the vast expanses of the internet about your life or an activity you enjoy doing? If it’s a life blog, then without a doubt there’d be trouble finding inspiration to write, you’re on your own. But on the subject of an enjoyable activity (and do on a daily basis) there would never be a lack of material.

    Although I’ve yet to look in a section other than ‘Inspiring’… watch a few videos on and in particular ‘Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days…’

    I’ve spent long nights struggling to think of something original and creative to start/blog about, but after seeing a published book based on a blog of a thousand awesome things in life, I formulated an equation (whilst writing this…) for attractive blogs, in whch big numbers and little things go hand in hand.

    ‘The thousand’ + ‘best’ + anything you enjoy + ‘in the world’ = Blog

    Off the top of my head, for myself it could be:
    The thousand best coffee shops in the world (this is number one)
    The thousand best guitar riffs in the world
    The thousand best adventures in the world
    The thousand best coasts in the world
    The thousand best pens in the world (I love pens)
    The thousand best skies in the world

    People want to discover a lot of information about the smallest things in the world, and so though some may not be interesting, it’ll always be fortified by the large number. Even then, the world is attracted to those with extreme dedication to what they do.

    Although I may have missed the point of this post entirely, in the hope I’ve helped or at least found a smile, you could now start thinking about what you enjoy, big or small.

    • That is a really good idea – I love it! From the list I would be happy to read/research coffee shops and pens – although I will of course leave the honours to you, should you wish to do so. Although skies is a good one, as I am quite soppy. My photography skills leave something to be desired, though.
      I have been working on a blog to this effect, which is not yet ready for the public domain: a collection of telephone boxes. As weird as that is, I’ve always wanted to collect them.

      This blog, however, has always been slightly directionless – or as directionless as I may or may not be at the time of writing. It’s aim was to teach me to write again, but what it seems to have done is awoken an interest in being critical (possibly otherwise known as complaining). However, in lieu of something to moan about, I would like something to work from.

      I’m a fan of TED, though, so I’ll be taking you up on that. I’ll let you know should inspiration strike!

      And no, you have not missed the point. I should be incorporating things I care about into this, that is the point, after all.

      How are you blogging ventures going?

  2. Hmmm… as Reader No.1 I feel honour-bound to reply, but I don’t really know – if I did maybe I’d have a blog myself! I’d say write about old faithful [men], but then it’s much more delicious to talk about that with you in person. I’ve been feeling kind of ‘writerly’ lately myself, but whenever I turn my thoughts blogward it’s not good. I’m not being very helpful here, am I? Maybe this blog could continue in the form of nine-message-long txts, to be sent to my good self? Or we could play a game, like a haiku-off (you’d win)?

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