Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year's worth of blog

It’s here! PGP (as I’ve taken to calling it in my head) is one year old today!

To commemorate the occasion of one year’s successful ranting – by which I mean blogging – I have created the above: a PGP Wordle. If you are not aware of Wordle, it is a time-consuming website that allows you to create pretty word pictures out of poems, stories, letter, blogs: anything you or anyone else has written. Try it!

In creating my wordle, I discovered that in that past year I have written 33539 words. This means two things to me: Wow. And also, if I managed that, why can’t I write a novel? All it takes is a year! Oh yeah, no decent novel ideas… (well, maybe one). I’ll work on that.

So what does the Wordle tell me, as an analytical tool?
All of the big words are ‘feeling’ words: I think a lot, I feel a lot, and I want a lot, apparently. I also mention writing, knowing and reading a lot. But my main pre-occupations are women, people and poetry.

So I’m opinionated and demanding about writing poems, thinking about people and about women. Sounds like me, actually. Good.

It amuses me that other words which show up as having a fair number of mentions are sex, men, library, love and friends. Aww, what a soppy git I am.

This is a really fun thing to do – and a heartily recommend you self-analyse in the same non-scientific way! It’s so much fun!

So what have I acheived after a year of blogging?
Well, I’ve met a small number of new people – not as many as anticipated, but that’s probably down to my own laziness. My friends who read my blog probably regret it know a lot more about the opinions I have, especially those who I don’t see all that often.
I am still not really writing more, and I find that this is not really the place for criticism, as I had hoped . So I’ll have to work on that one.
I have also redesigned it about 20 times, but another birthday present is a brand new and finally pretty layout! Hopefully I’ll stick with this one…
But mostly, I’ve enjoyed writing each week. Whether it’s a new idea, an old idea, or some sort of opinion, it’s been nice to feel that I’m sharing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too…

What next for PGP?
Well, I’d like opinions on this one, really. I’m considering streamlining it somewhat – but I’m not sure how. I’m not a book reviewer or blogger, like my friend The Bibliofreak, so I can’t do that. The market for library blogs has been saturated by CPD23, including my own feeble attempt Nouveau Librarian. I already don’t contribute to a cookery blog out of sheer laziness. I don’t write enough, or know enough about writing to make a writer’s only blog.
Currently, I just write about a mixture of all of these things, and do what I set out to do: have an online Moleskine.
So should I streamline? I might attract more readers if I did. But what would I say?! I could do themed days, like some other bloggers… What do you guys think? Is PGP fine the way it is, or do you wish it had more direction?

And if you don’t reply, I’ll ask you in person.

Meanwhile, happy birthday, PostGradPanopticon – and thank you all for reading and commenting!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

  1. Happy 1st birthday – I was just thinking you’d probably been going about a year!

    I’m glad to see I’m still a major literary influence you ‘soppy git’, I dread to think how many sex perverts there are lurking in your daft 33,539 words. Can I suggest you slip ‘fuck-a-duck’ in there somewhere during 2012? I think once you reach that stage, I can well and truly claim to have polluted your mind. Oh, and cheers for the mention.

    You don’t need a new direction, the blog’s fine. And it means you don’t have to talk to absolute arses like me on anything more than a superficial level in real-life. Well, other than the fact that I have to relay the fact that I’ve looked at your blog to you whenever I spend even two minutes on it, and then ask for a full explanation of everything you’ve ever written/thought/felt.

    If you do need a new stream-lined approach, can I suggest transcribing selected lunch-time wisdoms? Or just blogging every word Peter ever says – I think this 3D book idea might catch on. At the very least, I think you should run a post featuring our alternative ad campaign.

    ‘The’ Bibliofreak. (Him outta work)

    p.s. If I ever create a wordie from my brain ramblings I hope there will be simply a large, grumpy smilie in the centre, surrounded by a sea of the foulest language.

    p.p.s. The background on your new design gives me panic attacks (in a bad way).

    p.p.p.s. This is me networking, imagine that. I am better in the digital world aren’t I?

    All thoughts and phraseology copyright my noggin’ – hands off.

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