Statistics. A Meaningless Post.

OK, this is weird. Apparently, I had 58 blog views on Thursday 8th September. What on earth happened last Thursday to encourage so many people to look at my blog?! None of the buggers commented, either, so I guess I’ll never know what they were looking for, or what they found.

As a bit of a square, I like to look at the most popular pages and search terms that bring people to this blog from time to time. Unsurprisingly, Twlight is a biggie – everyone cares about what the opinions on Twilight and sex are. Also, Murakami and Norwegian Wood show up often – as well as a number of naughty words. This is due entirely to the quotations I chose to highlight in the text and not because people are perverts and think that I am as well. Of course. I also get a lot of people landing on my page because of the quotations in the Twitter feed on the sidebar. That must be disappointing for them!

Yes, in the past month, the most searched for term that lead unsuspecting people here was “twilight sex”, closely followed  by “ boyfriend” – which isn’t even a post! And then “social media timeline”. I googled ‘social media timeline’ last week and found that I was on the first page of Google. Weird indeed. I’ve just checked now, and I’m not, so that’s good – people will actually find useful information and not me rambling on.

Other good search queries include ‘lost saga suspenders’, ‘light relief on your penis’, ‘edward cullen is an abusive boyfriend’, ‘what happened to the falling skies series’ (a good question), ‘skewed sex relationships’, and ‘bare legs summer poem’ (which freaks me out because it seems like they knew they were looking for me…).

Which brings me to the end of a pointless post. Thank you WordPress, for allowing me an insight into the internet. Thoughtful post to come.

2 thoughts on “Statistics. A Meaningless Post.

  1. I enjoyed this post very much – as I did your stories – I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting much recently, new job and shizzle has kept me away from my RSS feeds. But “ boyfriend”?? That is so creepy. Maybe someone’s after Will… lock him away in his gate house for safe keeping!

    • Thank you, my dear.

      No problem at all,no offence was taken – I hope much exciting ‘shizzle’ is happening and you can tell me about it soon.

      It is very creepy, the creepiest of all I think. I think it’s been a eye-opener, reading these search terms,

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