It’s Official

I’m going to library school!

By which I mean; I will be working full time and coming home each night and trying to remember to study.

No, of course not, I’ll be dedicated really!

I got this letter two weeks ago, actually, but have been sitting on it since then. Despite serious cold feet, now that it’s all real I’m actually very excited. I like studying (it’s all I’ve ever done), and it’ll be good to know more about the job that I do! I still worry about whether or not I’ll be any good at distance learning, but there’s no other way to find out! And I did pass that OU course in January… Hopefully a colleague of mine will be studying with me so he can write my essays/provoke me to study.

I’m optimistic. And still apprehensive. But I will be a real librarian 😀

I say this now, come September, I will be terrified and trying to remember how to construct a sentence. Wish me luck!


One thought on “It’s Official

  1. At least one of said colleagues is little more than an imposter graduate and all but a simpleton, so he will be of little or no use to you on the essay writing front. On the pointless waffle and random foul-mouthed outbursts re. essays he is more than willing to ‘assist’.

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