So Many Things Wrong With “Twilight”: Women

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For an explanation of this, go here.

Point 3:The women in the books are flat and exploited, whereas the violent men are idolised.

Show me a strong woman in Twilight who is not also a murderer. You can’t. Alice has her head screwed on pretty straight: but she’s a vampire i.e. murderer. Victoria is undeniably one of the strongest and most dangerous women: but only because she’s a manic vampire who’s hungry for blood, specifically Bella’s. Renee went her own way and divorced her husband and started her life anew: but she did kind of abandon Bella for her new husband and seems not to care about it…

Emily, Sam Uley’s girlfriend, stays at home as a “wolf-girl” and bakes, her face scarred horribly by an attack from her werewolf boyfriend. Did she think of leaving? No. She stayed with him because he “didn’t mean it” and because “he loves her”. Perhaps he didn’t mean it. But we are never shown her side of the story. She simply sticks by his side in spite of an obvious threat to her life, not ever complaining to Bella that ‘damn, it is hard to live with a werewolf, and it took me a while but I got over it’. Her opinion is never considered, and it’s as though it doesn’t matter. Bella considers how terrible Sam must feel – which is fair – but not how Emily must feel. Her life and appearance have been changed forever. She feels nothing about this but just bakes muffins?! Meyer presents her as trapped by circumstance, but she isn’t. It’s just that she is one-dimensional, a vehicle to show the damage that losing control (more on this later) can do.

And I’ve said enough about Bella. So will move on to point number 4

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