So Many Things Wrong With “Twilight”: Edward

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For an explanation of this, go here.

Point 2: Edward Cullen is the most unappealing character in the books, yet the most sought-after.

I cannot understand Edward’s character.

Edward Cullen is cold (physically and emotionally), aggressive and manipulative. He seems to be the perfect embodiment of an abusive boyfriend. He buys Bella presents and “rewards” he with kisses when she is well-behaved, but the tables turn completely when she misbehaves. Then, he takes back his presents, emotionally blackmails her with threats to leave and in some cases violence (he can’t help but injure her or her friends as it’s not his fault if she drives him to lose control). Everything is at Edward’s mercy: visits, affection, he even dictates when she should sleep. Edward is more frightening than attractive, and my eyes no number of declarations of love can make up for this.

Bella’s passive and diminutive compliance with Edward’s passive-aggressive behaviour lead me on to point 3

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