A librarian, eh?

"Look Around", by Oli-Oviyan. Flickr

So, in the interests of what I am referring to with no irony as “my professional development” I have started a new blog. Yeah, I know I said this blog was for ALL the rubbish I spout, but as it turns out “my professional development” won’t really be aided by that. Plus, there was this new CDP23: 23 Things for Professional Development thing that I stumbled upon online and it seemed like a really good way to meet new and experienced librarians in lots of different places and so find out more about what I believe is to be my career.

Don’t fear, though, if you’ve become somehow attached to my ramblings on and on about books and  feminism – Post-grad Panopticon will still be going. Lucky you.

But I will be updating my library blog with all library-related things: training events and conferences I attend, things I learn about at work, how my applications/degree are coming along. There’ll be overlap, I’m sure, but the library blog is really just for library things, making contacts and charting my learning. It’ll be focused.

So without further ado, if you are interested in my journey from sham-brarian to librarian, please follow the link to:

Nouveau Librarian

And if you are a librarian, say hello 🙂

One thought on “A librarian, eh?

  1. Really happy to hear everything is shaping up for you, Kim. I had a peek at your ‘professional’ blog and was amazed by all the comments! I had no idea librarians had such tight-knit communities 😉 Good luck with your MSc.

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