A funny thing that life does.

I have just realised that there is something immensely sad about using all the difficult lessons learned during the breakdown of a previous relationship to make a current one better.

From Flickr. Courtesy of Dakotilla.

I keep thinking that maybe if I had learned these lessons in time than there wouldn’t be a need for a “breakdown” of the relationship in the first place. But without that failure, I wouldn’t have learned the lessons which hopefully are making the current relationship a success. I wouldn’t be so happy now without having been so sad before. Sometimes you need the distance from the things which made you sad to learn how not to do them again, so if this relationship hadn’t “broken down” then I would still be repeating the same mistakes without having learned anything.

It’s bittersweet. And necessary. And I guess it couldn’t have happened any other way. It’s just a funny sad thing that life does.

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