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This is really just another post for the sake of postaweek2011.

  • I have finishedHouse of Leaves. I am no longer as enthused as I was last time. Partly because of the lack of conclusion and the fact that I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Having said that, I have just discovered the frankly massive online community dedicated to deciphering and discussing the book, so sooner or later I imagine I’ll have something to say. The other problem is that I don’t want to tell anyone anything – I want everyone I know to read the damn book and then I can talk to them about it! So, sorry guys.
  • Halfway through the book I hit upon I thought I have regarding Sex in Books vs. Sex in Real Life. But I’m still researching it, so I can’t post that either. Which is why I was asking Tweeps for sex scenes written by women, so if anyone thinks of any more, please let me know!
  • It’s funny that I am so unsatisfied by House of Leaves when normally I love books where nothing happens, or questions arise rather than answers. I think it’s because I was so drawn into the book as an academic essay that the lack of a decent conclusion has thrown me off. However, I do plan on buying my own copy so I can re-read it, and I get the feeling it will be the first book since my degree that I will write in 🙂 For some reason this makes me happy.
  • I’ve been wondering lately if I censor myself now that I know people are reading. Colleagues and other lovely people tell me in person that they read this blog, so perhaps I don’t want to post certain things because I’ll have to see these people again the next day? Or they’ll have to see me? It’s funny. Having said that, though, I don’t have anything that incriminating to discuss so I’m not sure what I’ll be censoring.
  • House now angers me. Crap writing, no medicine, too much soap opera. Oh, the days when it was different 😦 I might have to stop watching. Just wanted to say.
  • Managed to travel to Nottingham last week for work. I say managed because it took my so long to understand the city. Bloody iphone kept telling me to go down bus lanes, I took myself into tram-only areas of the city, and almost ended up in Aberdeen on the way home! (Hyperbole, naturally.) However, I actually enjoyed the seminar. I understand library acronyms! Thank God! I feel as though I’m progressing because, while I still can’t contribute to any conversation with anything worthwhile, I can follow a conversation held by much more well-qualified people than myself. Also, from what I understood, I cared. I found it interesting, and currently am actually finding work a challenge! I know I keep saying it, but they’ll make a librarian of my yet.

Anyway, these are my most recent thoughts. My moleskine isn’t much better, I’m afraid.

5 thoughts on “Recent thoughts

  1. Oh, and on a related note: You will find all the quotations I love from ‘House of Leaves’ in the twitter feed to the right of this post. Such a way with words.

  2. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to fit in House of Leaves. I’ve got to finish Iron Angel now that I’ve started it and Something Wicked This Way Comes is the reading group book for April…maybe I’ll finish them well before the end of April and be able to squeeze it in? 🙂

    PS are you (not) censoring your posts for those of us who you rarely see too? 😉

    • Agh – bugger. Well, I’ll stop pestering you for now, as you have good reasons. How is the book group, btw? I always wanted to join a book group but never liked the books on offer. I bet your book group’s not boring.
      Probably for the best, as if I think about this book much more I will never sleep with the lights out again. I need an antidote!
      When you get the chance, though, come back to me 😛

      PS. Probably not, actually. I know you and Thursa better (and I’m sure I’ve said more incriminating things to the two of you!) so I’ve given up trying to make a good impression 😉

      • The group is not too bad. Obviously the books being all sci-fi or fantasy means that we rarely get a crap one. We’re not very good at discussing the books tho – we tend to devolve into agreeing that we (dis)liked the book. And then we start chatting about random TV/film/stuff.

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