Well, this is awkward

I don’t have anything to say.

There’s half a post about winning flame wars on the internet sitting in my drafts, but I don’t really want to finish it right now (plus it’s embarrassing.)
I wrote about my holiday in my private journal (and besides, that’s not what this thing is for.)
I didn’t write anything creative while I was away.
There’s nothing in my moleskine at the moment bar shopping lists and notes about copyright and licencing issues in libraries. So unless you want a true record of my life, I won’t be updating with that.

I have, however, had what I consider to be a brilliant idea. Well, two, really.
One: world tour of pretty gardens. Starting with Europe (any excuse to practice my Spanish and wear a summer dress), then Japan, then the world! This strikes me as a brilliant excuse. I can write, and Will can design me a beautiful garden 😛
Two: Actually make an effort to digitise the bits and pieces I keep finding around the library. Only problem is, don’t have a good enough name for this project.
LibraryCollection (surely, done?)
LibraryArchive (well, who doesn’t have one of those?)
RHULArchive (nope, that exists)

Thinking about it now, LibraryCollection may be my best bet. Will be working on library puns from now on. Any help greatly appreciated 🙂

For now, though, this will satisfy postaweek2011, although it barely counts if we’re all honest.

7 thoughts on “Well, this is awkward

  1. What do you mean by ‘bits and pieces’? Is this an official sort of thing? I would call it Alexandria. Its not pun-ish, but its cool 😉
    Or is it obvious?

    I love the garden travel idea. You could mash up the poetry with photography and drawings (courtesy of Will). That would be a beautiful project, I could see it covering a whole wall… with a simple black-line design of a world map in the background…

    [I bet your ‘private journal’ is a sizzler!]

    • ‘Bits and pieces’ such as letters tucked into the backs of books, pressed flowers, notes of all kinds that I have just kept finding since I started work here. The music library move was a treasure trove of things! What I want to do (as yet another mini-project) is ‘archive’ them all somewhere and try to produce some sort of creative writing from them. I had bought a fold-out plain Moleskine to stick them into but wondered if online might be better…? Kind of like http://www.foundmagazine.com but specific to me, or at least RHUL.

      I had to look up Alexandria so it’s not that obvious! Hmmm, will have to keep thinking until it’s at least a reference I get 😛

      Ooh, this is a lovely idea. I could really go for that. I could cover an actual wall in my house… brilliant 🙂

      (You do make me laugh 😀 I can neither confirm nor deny. Although I’ll admit I don’t update it at work!)

  2. Chortle chortle chortle… 😀

    I very much like the sound of the found stuff. I wasn’t sure if you meant something – ahem – boring, such as loose critics essays! This is much more exciting and hence I feel it needs a more exciting name than either of us has yet come up with. I think it should include RHUL or RoHo, etc., but with a word indicating something forgotten or left behind…
    It could still be a creative project, but I think online would be a better platform. You could get a lot of traffic from FB contacts alone.

    Accha, you didn’t know Alexandria?? I am stunned. The yoof of today. Really!

    • Oh, that is cheesy! I don’t think I could manage that with a straight face.

      I’ve been trying to come up with something that means ‘Royal Holloway’s Lost Archive’ without sounding as dull as that. The more I think of it, ‘Alexandria’ might be an option, given that it was lost and all.

      I will have to start looking up Repository/Archive management software names and coming up with puns. This is a strange thought.

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