A final word on ‘Norwegian Wood’ (and other things)

Best ending I have ever read. Partly because the rest of the novel was so bloody annoying and predictable, but still: wow. I did not see that coming. And while I have been criticised in the past for enjoying books where nothing much happens (true), I still couldn’t help liking this. With one sentence Murakami has undermined an entire novel. (I’d like to say ‘much like Chekov’, but while I believe this is true from my limited readings and discussions in second-year Fiction… I may  be wrong.) I honestly sat up and said ‘what?!’ out loud before flicking backwards and forwards to see if I’d missed something. So well done again, Murakami, you got me. I can’t pretend that I enjoyed the rest of the novel, or the liked a single one of the characters, but the ending really got me.

Other things I have been doing/need to complete:

  • Finished reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Now need to decide what I think of it. Have been reading JSTOR articles online regarding the obvious bisexuality that I missed in the novel, so any future entry will probably have something to do with that.
  • Making a list of Good Things That It Is Easy To Forget – about life, about work, about relationships. Not to sentimentalize, I hope, but to actually come up with something neat and small and comforting.
  • Have been failing to apply for the MA, since I found out I might not be able to make it to the lectures. Despite having promised to apply anyway, it’s getting harder and harder to begin reading my essays and write a personal statement. Must complete!
  • Oh, and in the interest of not being sentimental (not!) having a really nice weekend 😀 And looking forward to going away the weekend after next to sleep in a four-poster bed.


Now, however, work calls.

4 thoughts on “A final word on ‘Norwegian Wood’ (and other things)

  1. Here is a comment pour vous: I have been meaning to read ‘Rebecca’ too, and this bisexuality theory intrigues me… I’ve only seen the film, but is it Mrs Danvers and the first Mrs De Winter? Or is Rebecca herself tied up in it?

    Oh, and apply for that MA already!

    • The first Mrs de Winter is Rebecca, that’s one of the main themes of the book. The new Mrs de Winter becomes tied up in it according to the article I read today, but I still sceptical.

      You should read it, I think you’d like it. (Although it is overly descriptive in places…)

  2. OH! Show’s how much I evidently do need to actually read the thing – I though Rebecca was the second Mrs De Winter!
    Still I wouldn’t put an obsessive love past Mrs Danvers…

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