Now that I’m an adult…

…there’s no point in claiming not to make New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, they’re probably a little bit silly and overly ambitious, but without the targets set by academia how am I to know how well I measure up unless I set specific targets?!

It’s a hard life, this.

So, obviously, the aim is to write these now and check back periodically to see if I am becoming a successful human. (Perhaps I should make this post sticky so that I am constantly reminded of my plans…)

  1. Apply for (and get accepted onto!) King’s College London Literature and Medicine MA

  2. Complete OU Genetics course by the January deadline!

  3. Visit home at least once a month.

  4. Find archives work experience, work out whether or not to apply for Kew Gardens Trainee Archivist post.

  5. Do some sort of exercise! Find motivation to drive to a swimming pool/take up ice skating.

  6. A new one! As of 07.01.11 I will be taking part in the PostAWeek wordpress challenge for 2011. Will attempt to post at least once a week from now on. Poetry, thoughts, essays, whatever.

I think that should do. There can’t be too many or they’ll never happen! So those are my plans for the year.

And in order to complete the first one, I will need to

  • read through all of my old essays on the body – creative and English
  • find two academic referees another academic referee – consider Roy as well as Adam
  • access the online application form Accessed, and signed up, and have even filled out the obvious sections such as address, ethnicity and which course! Yay. Now for the hard parts such as personal statement 😦
  • Also, have successfully emailed admissions to find out about part-time teaching hours. Here’s hoping they say something useful…
  • Something has been completed! I am on the way to becoming a successful human being! Genetics course over and done with by the end of Jan. Excellent.
  • In other news, King’s replied to say that lectures take place during the day. Arse. Still applying. So have begun personal statement and emailed referees to ask permission. It’s getting there.
  • Update. Have successfully applied for course. Now wonder if I will be successful in getting on it. Or if that matters, as I’m thinking I might want to become a librarian instead. Well, most of that resolution out of the way, anyway (apart from the hard bits!). I am successfully going home once a month, am still failing to exercise and postaweek2011 is going ok.

Better get going. No other way to achieve my achievements.

~Last seen: 04.01.11 07.01.11 11.01.11 15.02.11 09.05.11

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