Thoughts on “American Psycho” (the film liveblogged)

  • beautiful colours
  • nice scene setting, subverting expectations to the banal
  • they are all the same, their cards are all the same 🙂
  • set up immediately as being a fantasy: “You’re a fucking ugly bitch” to the woman at the bar
  • clinical white room
  • he is more charismatic than I imagined: the Routine is more exciting when he narrates it than the large blocks of text in the novel
  • (not complaining about the shower scene)
  • good soundtrack
  • nice name-dropping with the bathroom cabinet
  • uniformity
  • cuts scenes as in the book
  • (I would want to kill Evelyn too)
  • He opens up to Evelyn about wanting to “fit in” – why?
  • Courtney looks like I imagined her
  • connects woman to death with the Chinese drycleaners
  • telling Courtney what to do at the restaurant, beginning showing women as puppets
  • much more comedic than it should be eg. Kimble
  • precise, slow exposition and suggestion
  • they all seem like hideous failed attempts at romance eg. the music playing while Christie is in the bath
  • awkward, businesslike meeting with the two girls
  • I like the way the director chooses to mix up the murder with the music 🙂
  • the women are puppets to be dressed, undressed, instructed while he is detached from the whole event my describing Phil Collins
  • funny, but not what happens… the girls look bored, it is not exploitative, or graphic, Bateman is mocked for being vain and an idiot. The girls are not crying or abused, just shocked. This is not even remotely shocking.
  • there appears to be a world where he is shafted by the men, so he abuses the women eg. the sound the business cards make when taken out of their cases – like guns.
  • the detective seems to tease him and he flakes
  • he is the stereotypical crap man eg with Courtney – they do not get undressed to have sex (he’s still wearing his tie), he doesn’t notice she smokes, he gets dressed immediately. He is insincere and the caricature of a bastard so the audience hates him as they should. There is no room for the consideration of his character as in the novel.
  • power of suggestion, keeping tokens from his victims
  • the scene with Jean is good. he sounds flirty while actually being creepy – mixture of fantasy and reality as in the novel
  • “I don’t think I can control myself” is to Jean?! There are two levels to the dialogue, though 🙂
  • really playing up the idea that women will do anything for money
  • W. T. F. Ok, so it was scary when he appeared from the sheets all bloodstained, but Christie running and screaming and him running naked in sneakers with a chainsaw: Ridiculous. And hilarious. Should I have laughed at that?
  • (On that note, things that I shouldn’t do: find Christian Bale attractive…)
  • (Have just remembered that one of my favourite parts of the book is the snippet of a Thursday. There is no suggestion of such madness in this film. Shame.)
  • He cries! That mental scene with the car is much more emotive..and I actually like it. it’s believable. Now will he phone Jean? Oh yeah, the lawyer.
  • Bethany? Where is Bethany? Bethany is too disturbing for the tone of this film.
  • All the disturbing parts of the book take place in this phonecall. Which is brilliant, btw.
  • In the book it seems that he uses Paul Allen’s flat partly because he wants him to be incriminated. In this film it appears that he wants to preserve the tranquility and cleanliness of his home.
  • The flat “are you my two o’clock” is done really well. Clearer than I found it to read.
  • When Bateman submits to women it is humiliating.
  • Oh, here’s the snippet. The film charts a breakdown, the book shows instability throughout and it therefore more disturbing.
  • Why is Jean snooping? In the book no-one would snoop because it isn’t clear  he’s really a killer.
  • So all the horrific things are drawn in the diary? That is pretty disturbed. If not disturbing also.
  • Goes back to the mundane, the banal, through the final confession which “means nothing”. This is a clever way of summing up the novel. The meaning is still the same, that all this could be real or could not, but it wouldn’t matter to the world that he lives in. Still, I think I prefer the book. It has more depth, if nothing else.

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